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Angelic Prayers – True Love Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel


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True Love Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel


I call upon you, Divine Archangel Zadkiel
God’s compassionate messenger
The channel for Sacred love in all dimensions
I bow to Thee
Before you I am insignificant
Before you I am humble and eternally grateful
For your presence in my life
You shall hear my call
As I now pray
Not with my mind
Not with my longing
But with the soothing knowing
That you are already standing before me
Blinding me with your Heavenly Beauty
Divine Archangel Zadkiel
I am ready to welcome True Love into my life
I am ready for the blessing of True Love to be bestowed upon me
I shall dream vividly of My Love
I shall feel the presence of My Love
I shall live this life as if My Love was already by my side
And in this way communicate my deepest wishes to you
I connect to that which appears to be apart
Through the channel in my heart
And as now I connect with my True Love within
Our physical paths will cross
Thank you, Divine Archangel Zadkiel
For entering my life and assisting me
To find my True Love with your Divine Magic
Which I only comprehend a fraction of
I now rest in Peace
With You by my side my love and my faith is magnified
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