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Angelic Prayer – Compassion prayer to Archangel Zadkiel – Free download


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Archangel Zadkiel Prayer

Original Version


I call upon you, Divine Archangel Zadkiel

It is You who have shown me that I am made of Unconditional Love

And it is You who have immersed me in Compassion


Dear Archangel Zadkiel

I feel compassion towards my Brothers and Sisters on this bus

May You glorify their lives with your Sacred presence

May You touch their hearts with the power of Love given to You by God


May the voice of these people’s hearts cut through the distortions

Of their intellects, their instincts and the electric waves

As the sweet and soft Bells of our Heavens fill their many senses


We are here to help them to remember their own Divinity

We are here to help them to remember their essence of Unconditional Love

And to strengthen their trust and courage

So that they may take one brave step towards the light


Divine Archangel Zadikel

 I ask you to immerse them in your Light

May they recognize themselves in You


Thank you, Archangel Zadkiel, for being by my side

Thank you for showing me how we may raise the vibrations on Earth

Thank you, Gaia, our Earthly Mother, for showering us all in your gifts

We bear witness to your Unconditional Love every single day in your lives


May the Angelic vibrations integrate with the Earth Force

Within the energetic bodies of these souls

May the Angelic Kingdom work closely with the Earthly Kingdom

To purify, stabilize and ground high vibrations on Earth


And so it is

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