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Healing from incest with the Angels

Healing from incest with the Angels
I have never told you about what working with the Angelic realm has done for me, in my life. It seems like a great way to start the year of Magical Prayers with a little glimpse of the wondrous healing available to us all.


Healing from incest with the Angels

I am an incest survivor, and I was also abandoned by my other parent; left on my own at 15 years of age. My biological father had abused me and my mother moved to Africa, but to her defense she didn’t know what I had gone through, and had suffered too much in her own life to be able to take care of me at that time. She didn’t know I was dreaming of taking my own life.

I suffered from severe PTSD for many many years, and I have been through hell and back more than once. Full of self-hatred, guilt, shame, fear, anger, panic, sadness and hate, I tried to get through life. I became an insensitive and sometimes horrible person, unable to give and receive love. I met manipulative, abusive and substance-abusing men. My relationship with my mother was broken. We loved each other, but there was too much pain in our history, and we were stuck.

Unable to handle the consequences of my traumas, it came to a point where it wasn’t possible for me to work as a waitress anymore. My hands were shaking so much that I couldn’t do the job anymore, and my legs started shaking. Even my neck was twitching. Typical PTSD, but I was too ashamed to seek help.

I continued living a self-destructive life, unknowingly making bad choices to punish myself. My efforts to heal on my own were futile and it only made me angrier and the hopelessness was growing daily.

Fast-forward six months after I quit that job, I discovered the Angelic realm through one of Doreen Virtue’s angel card decks. It was a full-on connectivity that set me on a path to unspeakably beautiful, blissful and remarkable healing. Today, my mother and I have the most amazing relationship, and my previously neglected step-father is gracing my life as a wonderful father. The anger, fear and hatred towards my pedophile father is gone, replaced with compassion. There were times when I considered hiring a hitman to wipe him out, now I pray for him and ask the Angels to strengthen his spirit and heal his sickness.

This is how we can heal from incest with the Angels. I am no longer hateful, loveless and broken, and that is entirely thanks to my cooperation with the Divine. There really are no words that can express my gratitude. And if I can do it, you can. Everything can be healed. So with this glimpse, I will tie this up with a sale on the e-book 10 Exercises to Connect to the Archangels. It is down to $5 until the end of the month. It is a summary of my gathered knowledge and experience, with easy step-by-step guides.

May Your 2017 Be MAGICAL

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