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E-Book: 10 Exercies to connect to the Archangels – Learn how to work with the Angels

Exercises to connect to the Archangels


10 Exercies to connect to the Archangels

From introduction:

“The love the Archangels have for you is beyond any love we are capable of as humans. It is so strong that you can feel it like electricity in the air sometimes. It is a love so strong that it cuts through all levels of frequencies and annihilates dark matter. It is a love so strong that it can cut through most of your blocks and walls. You do not need to vibrate in a high frequency to receive Angelic healing. In fact, you do not even need to fully believe that it is possible. With these exercises you will start loosening up some of the blocks that you have, and experience moments of elevation, awareness and Divine presence”


What are the Archangels?
“Rest assured, the Archangels are right there and will always hear you, and with regular practices you will be able to feel it and have direct communication.”

Know Your Heart
“You do not need to have a peaceful heart to feel your connection to the Archangels, but you need to be present in your heart. It is your gateway to the Divine.”

Make Peace
“The Archangels are hearing you, feeling you, and they always have and always will love you unconditionally.”

Create Your Angelic Atmosphere
“Work with what you have, and be grateful for what you have today.”

Find & Follow Your Intuition
“Intuition is the force that guides you outside of your comfort zones and pushes you to move through your fear into the unknown with no safety net other than your Sacred knowing that it is the right thing to do.”

Frequencies & Expansion
“You deserve nothing but all things good! So let’s start opening up to the Light, more and more.”

Working with the Archangels – Prayer
“A prayer can make your spirit soar and blend with the Angelic energies. A prayer can take you straight to the Angelic Realm and fill you with unimaginable bliss.”

Working with the Archangels – Healing
“By healing yourself, you are aligning with your soul purpose. The more healed you are, the more you can be your authentic you.”


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