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You Are Divine – And the Angels are a part of your beautiful consciousness

You Are Divine

It is not only our external universe that is limitless, full of countless galaxies and billions of stars; our internal universe is limitless too. Never forget that you are Divine. When we pray to the Angelic Realm, it is important to remember that the Divine is not separated from us, or outside of us, or up in the skies. The Divine is within us. It is eternally connected to us.

You Are Divine


The Angelic Realm is internal, not external

It is a part of us. When we say a prayer to connect to the Angels, we should not do it expecting that They will “come to” us, although the metaphorical wording in the prayers may suggest so. It is in reality we who open up to Their presence. They are already here, right there with you, in your Heart. Because? Yes, you got it. You are Divine.

The more you open up to and explore your internal universe – your consciousness – the stronger your connection to the Divine will be. The Divine is you, it is your family, your friends, all strangers, our beautiful planet, the Angels and the Ascended Masters, and in short – all that is. It may not seem so at all times, because our perception is muddled by negative thinking, which is one of the reasons the Angelic Realm is serving humanity to help us to heal, strengthen and awaken.

So next time you pray to connect to the Angels, remember, that They are a part of you.


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