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This is a magical site and a way to move closer to the Divine. We have the ability to heal, to elevate, to develop and to really flourish within this lifetime on Earth. Perhaps you find some tools on this site that can serve you on your journey. The prayers and the affirmations are exactly that – tools… Now it is up to you how you want to use it and what you make of it… Like the Buddhists in Thailand say about everything: “It is up to you!” I hope that you will connect to the Angelic vibrations – open up and deeply connect. There are so many ways to communicate with other dimensions of this incredible existence!

No religion or specific spiritual practice is related to these prayers; it is just me expressing myself, communicating with the Divine and listening. I believe that we are all co-creators and that we are one single entity on the highest frequency. I started writing and recording prayers a couple of years ago… It kind of just happened, as a combination of my own spiritual practice, my creative work and an urge to share such beauty. We have to work hard to own our right to express soulfully without compromise in this world, don’t you agree? It almost hurts to allow pure Divine love flow through us, because it is so far away from how things are done around here. But please, let your soul sing along with the Angels and be gentle with yourself.

My name is Elinrós Dianadottír, and I am a Swedish-Icelandic artist/fashion designer/sonic poet and occasional writer who is bouncing around the world in a somewhat unleashed manner, doing my best to follow my soul. I work on this site when I am strongly inspired to. Magical Prayers is for those who never stop making life more awesome and beautiful. It is for those who dare to believe in what they feel in their heart. Feel your heart beating. Who is reading? A Divine being is reading this text. You are a magnificent creation straight from the source, and the heart which is pumping the blood in your body is a piece of the Universal heart. Your heart is also the heart of the Universe. Relax into the experience of your magnificence. Feel the spring of Love rushing inside of you, with warm healing winds caressing and nourishing your mind, your body and your soul.

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